Sigma Zeta Officer Open Positions

Sigma Zeta KeySigma Zeta is seeking nominations for two positions: Webmaster and Student Representative. Eligible faculty (Webmaster) or student (Student Representative 2018-2019 term) members of any Sigma Zeta Chapter with an interest in contributing to the ongoing success of Sigma Zeta as a distinctive National Science and Mathematics Honor Society are encouraged to apply.

Student Representative: The duties of the Student Representative shall be: (1) to elicit feedback and suggestions from student and alumni members for improvements to the society; (2) to be a full voting member of the Executive Council; and (3) to be able to serve his/her entire one-year term prior to graduation.  (from the Sigma Zeta Constitution, Article VII, Section 8, 2016 Printing)

Nominations for the Student Representative should be submitted using the Student Representative Nomination Form by March 10 prior to each National Convention.  Voting for the Student Representative will take place by a paper ballot during the final Convention meeting, with each attending Chapter allowed one vote.  

Nominees for the Student Representative must be present at the National Convention to be nominated to the position and should also be willing and able to attend both the November Officers meeting and the subsequent National Convention Executive Council meeting (Thursday evening) at the end of their term of office the following year. 

If interested please submit the Sigma Zeta Student Representative Nomination Form by March 1 prior to the National Convention.

The duties of the Webmaster shall be: (1) to maintain and update news, information pictures, documents, forms, the public chapter and adviser list, National Convention information, and links on the society's web site and (2) to maintain and update the society's e-mail list, Facebook page, and Wikipedia page. (modified from the Sigma Zeta Constitution, Article VII, Section 8, 2016 Printing)

The Webmaster plays a key role, in collaboration with the executive director and other officers, in the design, building, and maintenance of the organizational website ( as well as the facebook, youtube, wikipedia pages and email list for the organization. 

Skills advantageous to the successful completion of the duties of Webmaster are (1) the ability to effectively use word, file, image, and video editing tools (Word, Excel, Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Google Drive); (2) knowledge of accessible web design, html, css, web forms, Drupal (or similar open source content management system), cPanel, Softaculous, and / or an interest and ability for self-learning to use these or similar tools; and (3) a desire to assist in the continued growth and success of Sigma Zeta through an effective, up-to-date, and informative societal website.

The new Webmaster will work with the outgoing webmaster in the transition into the webmaster role.

If interested, please contact Executive Directer, Dr. Jim Hall ( with a brief statement of interest, skills, and experience by March 10 prior to the National Convention. Nominations for all National Officers, including the Webmaster and Student Representative, are submitted and approved at the  National Convention each year.