Sigma Zeta Student Research Awards

Congratulations to twenty-one Sigma Zeta members as recipients of the 2016 Research Awards! The research proposals were reviewed at the Nov. 5 officers meeting and awards were announced November 15, 2016. 


Sigma Zeta iconJulianne Ankrom, Halie Suttle, and Heather Culbertson, Beta Eta Chapter
Human Airway Trypsin-like Protease Cloning

Sigma Zeta iconCaitlin BehmeRho Chapter
Development of Instrumentation and Software to Economically Measure Solar Cell Properties

Sigma Zeta iconAndrew ConboyGamma Alpha Chapter
Exploration and Genomic Analysis of Arthrobacter Bacteriophage Isolates

Sigma Zeta iconKatherine Crank, Beta Eta Chapter
Seeds vs. Stems: Two Economical Water Purification Methods

Sigma Zeta iconBroderick DenoRho Chapter
Uncovering Hidden Spider Diversity in Indiana Forests

Sigma Zeta iconDianessa DizonGamma Gamma Chapter
Analysis of Gray Squirrel Behavior on an Urban College Campus

Sigma Zeta iconMarisa Egan, Gamma Omicron
Investigation of the Roles of ler and grlRA in Regulating the LEE in the Emerging Pathogen, Escherichia albertii

Sigma Zeta iconKatrina EstradaBeta Iota Chapter
Independent Measurements of Lipids in Mixed Cell Populations

Sigma Zeta iconCaresse HollendonerBeta Chapter
Plant-Pollinator Mutualisms and Diversity in Prairie Restorations

Sigma Zeta iconMargaret Houston, Alpha Gamma Chapter
A Standardized Modeling System for Assaying tau Toxicity in Drosophilia melanogaster

Sigma Zeta iconKelly Jacobson, Alpha Nu Chapter
Acquisition and Analysis of Burn Data for Materials Coated with Non-brominated Flame-resistant Polymers

Sigma Zeta iconMarek Lisek, Gamma Eta Chapter
The Effects of DFMO on Inhibiting -Amyloid Expression in Caenorhabditis elegans CL417

Sigma Zeta iconAundrea MarshPi Chapter
PCR Screening of Red Blood Cells to Determine Ranavirus presence in Easter Box Turtles and Painted Turtles in Central Illinois

Sigma Zeta iconBrooke MaruskaGamma Gamma Chapter
Characterization of Gray, Red, And Flying Squirrels Nesting Sites on an Urban College Campus

Sigma Zeta iconDelmar OropezaRho Chapter
Analysis of the Linkage Between the OR6A2 Olfactory Receptor Gene and Taste Preference for Coriandrum sativum: Testing for Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium

Sigma Zeta iconMadison PiassekGamma Theta Chapter
Origins of Specificity of Cytosolic Pyrimidine 5’-nucleosidase III

Sigma Zeta iconBeth RingwelskiGamma Gamma Chapter
Behavioral Profile of Red Squirrels (Tamiascurus hudsonicus) on an Urban College Campus

Sigma Zeta iconSara SiegfriedPi Chapter
An Essential Solution: Toxicity of Five Essential Oils in MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 Cancer Cell Lines

Sigma Zeta iconTaylor UccelloAlpha Rho Chapter
Amphibian CD4 as a Receptor for IL-16

Sigma Zeta iconJade WilsonGamma Alpha Chapter
Understanding the Differences in Heterochromatin Organization Between Human and Mouse Cells

Sigma Zeta iconAshlyn N. York (Ramond), Rho Chapter
Analytical Progress Towards the Functionalization of Epigallocatechin Gallate from Camellia sinensis


Research awards are an opportunity to seek funding for your research with the expectation that you will present your research at the National Convention.  2017 Applications will be due prior to October 21, 2017.  Plan ahead to apply now!

Research Award Information &  Application