Student Research Award Advisor Support Form

Faculty advisors / mentors use this form to submit a letter in support of a Student Research Award Proposal.  Proposals and support letters are due annually the 3rd Tuesday of October. The maximum award is $500 per proposal and funding is dependent upon proposal merit and available funds. Proposals seeking funding via the student research awards should be submitted using the Student Research Award Application form.

Criteria for Research Awards [Evaluation Rubric]

  • Experimental Design: Clarity of goals, hypothesis and/or research question
  • Quality of Writing: Well written, proofread, example of good scientific writing
  • Literature cited: Representative of field of research and properly and completely cited
  • Length, Budget, Timeline: Feasibility of completion based on methodology and timeline proposed
  • Strength of letter of support from research mentor


Please attach your completed letter here (rtf, pdf, doc or docx).