2017 Student Representative Nominees

Student Representative: The duties of the Student Representative shall be: (1) to elicit feedback and suggestions from student and alumni members for improvements to the society; (2) to be a full voting member of the Executive Council; and (3) to be able to serve his/her entire one-year term prior to graduation.  Nominations for the Student Representative should be submitted using the Student Representative Nomination Form by March 10 prior to each National Convention.  Voting for the Student Representative will take place by a paper ballot during the Final Convention meeting, with each attending Chapter allowed one vote.

Nominees must be present at the National Convention to be elected to the position and must also be willing and able to attend both the November Officers meeting and the subsequent national convention Executive Council meeting at the end of their term of office the following year.


Taylor Hauersperger
University of Indianapolis
I believe that having a student representative voting on the Executive Council will be extremely beneficial for Sigma Zeta as a whole because it would ensure that the students’ best interests are at the basis of the council’s decisions. The student who fills this position not only needs to represent the student population, but he/she needs to be aligned with Sigma Zeta’s goals as an organization to recognize student achievement, promote research, and service. I identify with these goals not only with Sigma Zeta, but also in my personal life, as I do research with the biology department and I am very active in different community service projects, such as Relay For Life. I am currently an officer for the Rho chapter and my responsibilities include keeping our chapter listed as a registered student organization with the University of Indianapolis and representing Sigma Zeta Rho Chapter at campus events, including planning our yearly campus-wide field trip. I am already experienced with representing Sigma Zeta Rho Chapter as a whole, and I would love the opportunity to represent my fellow math and science majors at a national level.


Adam Lesniak
Gamma Eta
Marian University

Nominee Statement
If there is an important issue at hand, I have no problem or fears of voicing my opinion about it. Therefore, as a Student Representative, I would be proficient at letting any student concerns be known to the National Council. Encouraging and enabling undergrads to be active in doing research is something I strongly believe in advocating for; I would use my presence to make sure the students' needs are being met, in that regard.

Last year, I served as the senator of my chapter, and this year, I'm currently serving as the vice president of my chapter. I personally got in touch with a nearby high school and got some of my college's students to help volunteer in judging that high school's science fair. Considering my chapter is hosting the National Convention this year, there have also been tasks to do in preparation for that.

Paige Swan
Gamma Eta
Marian University

I think that by serving as the student representative to the National Council of Sigma Zeta I would provide a unique and interesting student perspective. I have been a member of the Gamma Eta chapter of Sigma Zeta at Marian University since the Fall of 2015. From my induction into the chapter, I have been greatly involved, participating and attending as many events as my schedule allowed. In the Spring of 2016, I was elected Vice President. In the Fall of 2016, I was voted to be President as our current President was graduating at the end of the semester. As President, one of my main goals is to provide volunteer opportunities and speaker opportunities that are both valuable to our students as well as the community around us. As Sigma Zeta’s national project theme is promoting scientific awareness in our communities, I have worked to make sure we uphold this idea through our volunteering and speakers. Thus, we have had volunteer events as science fair mentors at a local high school, judging at the Central Indiana Science and Engineering Fair, participating at Celebrate Science, and others. I think that this project theme is important because it is quite necessary and important to keep the public interested in the world around them and spark interest and curiosity in the “why.” When we judged and interacted at the various science events, we made sure to encourage the students to continue pursuing their interests and to come back next year. Through science outreach in the community, we can help increase science literacy, develop curious minds, and reduce the public deficits in knowledge. I feel very strongly about encouraging students to pursue and learn more about science and the world around them.

In regards to involvement in the National Convention, I have been greatly involved in the planning and execution of this convention as it is being held at Marian University. One of my biggest roles is overseeing and organizing volunteers and keeping the chapter members updated on tasks that need to be completed as well as general updates.

I would be able to provide a student perspective to the National Council as a student who has both been a chapter member, Vice President, and President. I have seen both the “member side” of the chapter as well as the executive side which, I think, gives valuable insight to the organization. I would like to be able to give a stronger voice to the students involved in Sigma Zeta as well as continue to promote science outreach and find new ways to continue this throughout the year.