2021 Auditing Committee

Committee Name: Auditing Committee
Faculty Committee Chair: Joyce Horton

List Committee Members:
Peyton Price - Beta
Rachel Woodbury - Sigma
Getsemani Arteaga - Sigma

Committee Report: The Auditing Committee followed a modified process for
reviewing financial documents provided by Treasurer Hahn. That process
consisted of checking and verifying the income and expenses presented in the
Treasurer’s report were accurate. The disbursement total for the 2019-2020
fiscal year was totaled higher than the actual value due to uncashed checks
for research projects. Those checks will be reissued to recipients. This
committee suggest that next year the receipts for the past three years be
reviewed. The Auditing Committee takes this opportunity to express, on behalf
of all Sigma Zeta members, advisors, and officers, our sincere thanks to
Treasurer Hahn for his service to our organization. We recognize that the
position of treasurer requires a major time commitment and Dr. Hahn has
served us very competently for several years.