2021 Website Committee

Committee Name: Website
Faculty Committee Chair: Belarmino Gonzalez

List Committee Members:
Lauryn Hinckley (Gamma Gamma)
Jenny Par (Rho)
Nathaniel Kessler (Gamma Kappa)
Brittany Kothari (Beta Iota)

Committee Report:

We looked at the website, and we found that the following could be improved:

1.       Make the Sigma Zeta National Science and Mathematics Honor Society bigger

2.      Make the website more colorful and aesthetically pleasing if able.

3.      2-D pictures.

4.      Publish the 2020 abstracts under the publications. Perhaps try to make abstracts more easily seen.

5.      The 2021 convention participation page is a lot to go through.
a.      Maybe use an alphabetical list for chapters, and list members under.

6.      Convention schedule with the zoom links vs posters, maybe provide the subject area or title of the presentation.

7.       Move the chapter map under chapter tab to make it more cohesive.

8.       Make sure that the chapter map has correct update date.

9.       Perhaps move Zoom links during the convention to the home page during the times of the convention

10.      Make the publications page/tab more aesthetically pleasing because it is overwhelming.

11.      Perhaps not have a two-column format on the home page.
a.      If we want to retain this, maybe have a collapsible tab.

12.     Put on more pictures/sliding pictures on the front page.