2022 Student Representative Applicants

Taylor DeVine
Gamma Gamma

1. I wish to serve as Student Representative to the Executive Council of Sigma Zeta to continue my initiatives and projects of my last term. Although my last term as student representative was fully online, I was fortunate enough to partake in the convention planning process at Concordia College. As the next year hopefully goes more in-person/normal, I hope to fully introduce my initiative to the public and put into action the plans I developed during my last term with the goal of connecting Sigma Zeta on the national level (as seen in the next question).

2. I joined Sigma Zeta the beginning of my sophomore year, and presented two posters at 2021 convention. Additionally, I was nominated for the National Student Representative position by two of my fellow colleagues, and was elected as National Student Representative that year. As Student Rep, my goal was to connect Sigma Zeta on a national level, rather than just the local level that we are all used to. I will admit, dealing with COVID and just an overall hectic year was hard to adapt through, but I was pleased to be able to introduce my newsletter and toolkit initiative to to Executive Board last evening. This newsletter initiative will be deliverer to the mailbox of all Sigma Zeta members, and will serve to promote club engagement, show recognition where it is deserved, and inspire chapters across the US to become more active on campus and in their community. In addition to the newsletters, each issue will also contain a toolkit document aimed at providing students with the resources necessary to succeed through Sigma Zeta during their time in undergrad. I plan on releasing a newsletter/toolkit combination every month, and as the initiative gains traction, it will open the doors to the addition of social media accounts, as well as hopefully inspire students to become more active in their local community!
By checking, I agree that I am willing to serve as the Student Representative to the Sigma Zeta Executive Council and am willing and able to attend both the November and March National Officers' meetings following my election as Student Representative.