Founder's Cup

2020 Founders' Cup Award
Marian University
Gamma Eta

Each chapter submitting an annual report to the convention for the purpose of competing for the Founders' Cup will be judged on a scale of one to ten in areas one and two. The chapter with the highest total score will be the winner.
Application Form for Founders' Cup Award - Submit prior to the National Convention

To be eligible for consideration for the Founders' Cup, a chapter must have activities in both area one and two.

Area One: Local Activity

A) Local meetings - number, quality, originality
B) Local activities - sponsorship or assistance with science fairs, competitions, service to community, social activities promoting local chapter
C) Recognition from outside groups
D) Utilizing outside resources such as speakers, field trips, etc.
E) Innovative ideas useable by other chapters

Area Two: National Activity

A) Attendance at National Convention
B) Paper presentation at National Convention - quality and quantity
C) Cooperation with National Chapter - answering mail, sending in reports, etc.
D) Recruitment of new chapters
E) Promotion of inter-chapter activities
F) Cooperation with other chapters

Any chapter wishing to compete for the Founders' Cup must submit to the Founders' Cup committee at the Annual Meeting, an evaluation of their activities organized in outline form and using the above criteria as outline headings. This document will be in addition to a chapter report for the Sigma Zetan.