Convention Reports: 2017 National Service Project Committee

List Committee Members
Committee Leader: Graeme R. A. Wyllie (Gamma Gamma)

Bethanie Webb (Alpha Beta)
Megan Hackney (Alpha Eta)
Alison Neireiter (Alpha Beta)
Alysha Basel (Phi)
Katie Leiker (Gama Kappa)
Julianne Ankrom (Beta Eta)
Melissa Gadd (Beta Eta)
Katherine Crank (Beta Eta)
Sarah Thorud (Beta Iota)
Jenna Stilwell (Gamma Gamma)
Glory Kom (Gamma Gamma)
Sydney Reynolds (Rho) 
Jordan Thomas (Sigma)
Taylor Hauersperger (Rho)
Jessica Watson (Gamma Gamma)
Robin Fettig (Gamma Gamma)
Erica Forbes (Pi)
Laura Kirk (Beta XI)
Victoria Yagodinski (Gamma Eta)

We met initially and students were tasked with coming up with ideas. The theme of "Highlighting the impact of science on everyday life" was settled upon as it encompassed many of the ideas brought to the table. From this, we then brainstormed and put together a list of ideas which could be incorporated under our banner. These were combined and merged and the paragraph (below) created:

"Highlighting the impact of science on everyday life"

We recognize that in these troubled times, that there exists an increasing gap between the non-scientist and the scientist and we hope each chapter takes up the challenge of undertaking projects highlighting to all, the importance of science in everyday life. The ubiquity of science is evident in everything we do whether it be in the products we use or the phenomena we see around and it is our hope that we can use this to build connections with our non-scientist colleagues, friends and communities. We should seek to share not only our knowledge of the science around us but also our passion and the sense of wonder we all experience in what we do and use this to showcase the importance of science to everyone. We should remain mindful of the wealth of resources available in how to communicate effectively with our communities and it is hoped through this, we also gain a new perspective ourselves on the importance of science. We would also task those undertaking projects under this banner to incorporate both mathematics and engineering wherever relevant to strengthen the connection of all aspects of the STEM field. We would like to propose specific challenges of reaching out on our campuses to the non-STEM disciplines and showcasing the underlying science in these fields and where relevant other extra-curricular activities along with the challenge of creating activities based around the theme of a day without science, an opportunity to reflect on what our lives would be like in the absence of scientific progress.