Convention Reports: 2017 Resolutions Committee

Brittnay Miller – Beta Eta
Halie Suttles – Beta Eta
Noah Holmes – Beta Eta
Allison Cormican – Gamma Kappa
Grant Arras – Alpha Eta
Michael Tran – Alpha Eta
Eva Gunawan – Phi
Baudelia Ruiz – Sigma
Carly Nicholson – Rho
Paige Stansell – Rho
Lauren Mayton – Alpha Beta
Carrie Bell – Beta Iota
Kayla Williams – Alpha Gamma
Michael Sole – Gamma Gamma
Megan Dondelinger – Gamma Gamma
Ben Stubbs – Gamma Gamma
Adam Lesniuk – Gamma Eta
Matthew Bend – Gamma Eta 

The Committee met Friday night and developed the following resolution.
The meeting adjourned at 9 pm.

On the days of March 23-25, 2017
Whereas: Instructors make sure that liquid nitrogen ice cream can be made by all the people making it and, 
Whereas: All Members shall be wearing safety glasses before being “blessed” with liquid nitrogen and,
Whereas: An invited comedian who knows how to handle a room full of introverts and still be funny and,
Whereas: Host institutions shall provide proper instructions for kinetic sand before an attempt is made and,
Whereas: Armed guards shall be posted at each entrance to make sure that no “other” students try to come in and,
Whereas: "Northern" schools shall not call tea sweet until it is approved by an attendee from either Kentucky or Missouri.
Whereas: Notifications will be provided that the zoo will be a madhouse since the entire city is on Spring Break and,
Whereas: Microphones will be turned on during the question portion of talks and,
Whereas: Chairs should be comfortable in all situations not just the last day and,
Whereas: Attendees shall be forced into more socially awkward situations with other chapters and,
Whereas: A place to upload power points and posters be made so that they be referenced by students when they get back to their universities and say “Oh yeah, remember that one talk” and,
Whereas: Each attendee shall purchase a minimum of one Sigma Zeta branded item so that the office may be cleared and new merchandise ordered and,
Whereas: Resolution committees shall meet prior to dinner when people are funnier and,
Whereas: All chapters shall account for their attendees prior to going back to the hotel so that Uber doesn’t need to be called and,
Whereas: If you are given an honor award Banquet attendance is optional and,
Whereas: Meetings that start prior to 9 am may have attendees straggling in and,
Whereas: The field trips were incredible and,
Whereas: Furniture trucks must stay in their lane for the duration of the Sigma Zeta conference and,
Whereas: Special thanks to Raul Zavaleta our keynote speaker who has shown us there is a fine line between starting 35 companies and holding a consistent job while inspiring us to realize that saying “why can’t we do something” is actually an idea for a project or the next “great thing”. 
Let it therefore be resolved that: Sigma Zeta offers a special thanks be given to Marian University for the use of their brand new facilities and Gamma Eta Chapter for hosting a wonderful 2017 national convention.