Convention Reports: 2018 Auditing Committee

Faculty Committee Chair: Rebecca Seaberg
Email of contact:

Committee Members

Trent Monroe, Alpha Eta
Ema Karakoleva, Alpha Psi
Karina Cuate, Heather Culbertson, Jacob Meyer, Hannah Sproull, Beta Eta
Adam Lesniak, Paige Swan, Gamma Eta
Ali Al Saegh, Talia Dalzell, Gamma Gamma
Becca Altiz, Gamma Kappa
Kalebb Vanfossen, Rho
Maggie Miller, Sigma

Committee Report

The Auditing Committee followed the established process for reviewing financial documents provided by Treasurer Hahn. That process consisted of : (1) The income and expenses presented in the Treasurer's report were checked and all were verified to be accurate except for one three cent error in the interest income on the R. K.Carleton Sigma Zeta Development Fund page. This error was corrected. (2) Four invoices from the past year were selected at random and committee members verified them with evidence of balances paid and deposited. (3) Five checks written against the Regions account were selected at random and committee members verified the amounts on the corresponding receipts. (4) Three withdrawals from the statement for the Our Lady of the Lake account were selected at random and committee members verified that each withdrawal was justified by a receipt. The Auditing Committee takes this opportunity to express, on behalf of all Sigma Zeta members, advisors, and officers, our sincere thanks to Treasurer Hahn for his service to our organization. We recognize that the position of treasurer requires a major time commitment and Dr. Hahn has served us very competently for several years. A motion to accept the report was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.