Convention Reports: 2018 National Service Project Committee

Faculty Committee Chair: Don Olive
Email of contact:

List Committee Members

Osvy Rodriguez - Gamma Rho
Shelby Hall  - Beta
Kenneth Stevens - Sigma
Aaron Williams - Sigma
Ruthann Gorrell - Gamma Eta
Kegan Main - Gamma Eta
Taylor Hauersperger - Rho
Megan Hay - Rho
Gabby Jackson - Alpha Beta
Averi Walker - Gamma Kappa
Rachel Dickensheet - Gamma Kappa
Randi Block- Alpha Psi
Billy Rea - Beta Phi
Phillip Dunger - Beta Phi
Rebecca Dahl - Gamma Gamma
Robin Fettig - Gamma Gamma
Brooklynn Scherer - Beta Chi
Taylor Elley - Alpha Eta
Rachel Baines - Beta Eta
Sydney Barro - Beta Eta
Charissa Lord - Beta Eta
Trey Shupp - Beta Eta
Amanda Hall - Beta Tau

Committee Report

I. In todays world of increasing income inequality between the “haves” and the “have nots”, there are diminishing avenues out of poverty and hardship. Locally and globally, the rungs of the social ladder have gotten farther and farther apart making it increasingly difficult for individuals to achieve economic success and wellbeing. However, there are amazing opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematical fields of study, which are often payed for by external sources like governmental organizations and industrial-driven research dollars. Sigma Zeta would like to highlight these opportunities.

The National Service Project for 2018-2019 is proposed as: Shedding light on the possibilities of science and mathematics as an avenue out of poverty by inspiring underprivileged and under-served children through science education.

II. To encourage participation in the national service project, the committee would like to recommend that an award be given at the national convention for the best poster presentation highlighting a chapter’s participation in the national service project. Also, an award be given to the best oral presentation of a project.