Convention Reports: 2019 Website Committee

Website Committee
Belarmino Gonzalez

Anastazia Williams
Samantha Vasquez
Mason Mockobee
Shannon Taylor
Linzee Clark
Brenna Miller
Alejandro Smith-Antuna
Jarrett Selis
Josh Yount
Korbyn Dahlquist
Hudson Mitchell
Brooke Froelich
Katie Gray
Glenn Seela
Levi Coyle
Brianna Marin
Brandon Bode
Precious Rumano
Natalie Sasala
Alexa Langenfeld
Lisa Beltz

The members of the committee reported the following:
- consolidation of pages
- from horizontal to vertical tabs
- sliding headlines
*student/chapter of the month
*link social media accounts
*links to each chapter
*chapter/convention archive
*change set up (aesthetically)
-contact for other chapters
*student representatives?