Following the conferences and meetings during the winter and spring of 1925-26, the Shurtleff group formerly announced the national charter of Sigma Zeta at the first conclave which was held in Alton, Illinois, in the spring of 1926.

The business session was held in Loomis Hall on the Shurtleff campus. The constitution of the local group was amended to conform the needs of a national organization and the Shurtleff group became the Alpha Chapter. A slate of national officers was elected under the TITLEs of Grand Master Scientist, Vice Grand Master Scientist, Grand Recorder-Treasure, and Grand Historian. The first presiding officer was Lester K. Meyers, a junior at Shurtleff; the other officers, in the order listed above were: Margery Fish, Professor List, and Mary Helen Walton.

After the formal organization of the Society, the first business considered was the petition of a McKendree College group for a charter. It was voted to grant the petition, and a charter for Beta Chapter was issued under the date of June 9, 1926, over the signatures of Mr. Meyers and Professor List as national officers.

Following the business session, the first banquet of the society was held at the Stratford Hotel in Alton. Dr. H. L. Davis, a Shurtleff alumnus, gave the address of the evening and the announcement of the chartering of Beta Chapter was made at the close of the banquet.