Honor Award Nomination Form

Sigma Zeta Honor Award Key

1. The Sigma Zeta Honor Award will be presented annually by the Executive Council to not more than one active student member of each chapter.

2. The person to be so honored by each chapter will be chosen by the members of that chapter. The chapter will determine the most feasible method of selecting its honoree, but it is recommended that both student and faculty members be involved in the selection.

3. The award is not necessarily limited to seniors, but will not be granted twice to the same person.

4. The Honor Award key will be presented to the chapter honorees at the annual meeting. If unusual circumstances prevent one of those so honored from attending the meeting, the key will be mailed.

5. A chapter is not obligated to grant the award every year if it fails to find a member with suitably high qualifications. It should not become merely an automatic award granted annually, say, to the chapter president.

6. The Executive Council may at its discretion grant the Honor Award to other distinguished persons.

Please be sure that all of these guidelines for the Sigma Zeta Honor Award are followed. Failure to do so could lead to disqualification of your nominee.

1. The candidate for the award should have at least a 3.00 cumulative scholastic ratio (A = 4.00) at the time of the nomination for the award. Current information should be included in the nomination.

2. Factors which will be taken into consideration are contributions to the program of the local Sigma Zeta chapter and attendance at national meetings including any presentation of papers. Any other activities and honors should be included in the nomination.

3. The nomination should be submitted using the Honor Award Nomination Form prior to the National Convention or it may be brought to the National Convention and presented to the National Executive director at the National Council Meeting. The nomination must be signed by the faculty adviser if a paper version is submitted.

4. The nomination must be in paragraph form of 200-250 words. This will be read in its entirety at the National Banquet and will be printed in the Sigma Zetan.


2021 Chapter Honor Awards

2020 Chapter Honor Awards


Korbyn Dahlquist
Beta Iota Chapter 
Bethel University


Mollie Francis
Gamma Gamma Chapter
Concordia College

2019 Chapter Honor Awards


Julianna Franzino
Beta Chi Chapter
Walsh University


2018 Chapter Honor Awards

2018 Chapter Honor Award

Rachel Baines
Beta Eta Chapter 
Evangel University

2018 Chapter Honor Award

Paige Swan
Gamma Eta Chapter
Marian University

2018 Chapter Honor Award

Taylor Hauersperger
Rho Chapter
University of Indianapolis



2017 Chapter Honor Awards

2017 Alpha Gamma Honor Award

Anna Johnson
Alpha Gamma 2017 Chapter Honor Award

2017 Gamma Gamma Honor Award

Jessica Watson
Gamma Gamma 2017 Chapter Honor Award

Cheyenne Stienbarger 
Beta Eta 2017 Chapter Honor Award

Aaron Smith
Gamma Eta 2017 Chapter Honor Award



2016 Chapter Honor Awards

2016 Beta Chapter Honor Award 

Alexandra Nash
Beta Chapter 
Chapter Honor Award

2016 Beta Eta Chapter Honor Award

Maria Donnay
Beta Eta Chapter 
Chapter Honor Award

2016 Alpha Gamma Chapter Honor Award

Josh Campbell
Alpha Gamma Chapter
Chapter Honor Award


2016 Alpha Psi Chapter Honor Award

Mikalah Smith
Alpha Psi Chapter
Chapter Honor Award


2015 Chapter Honor Awards

2015 Chapter Honor Award 

Mitchel Irmer
2015 Alpha Psi 
Chapter Honor Award
Hillsdale College

2015 Chapter Honor Award

Nicholas Brumbaugh
2015 Alpha Gamma 
Chapter Honor Award
Malone University

2015 Chapter Honor Award

Kyleray Katherman
2015 Beta Beta
Chapter Honor Award
George Fox University

Award Presented at George Fox University post-convention


2014 Chapter Honor Awards

2014 Chapter Honor Award 

Chris Otolski
2014 Rho Chapter Honor Award

Jonathan Miller 2014 Alpha Gamma Chapter Honor Award

Jonathan Miller
2014 Alpha Gamma Chapter Honor Award

Sigma Zeta Key

Ryan Smith
2014 Gamma Gamma Chapter Honor Award
Award received in absentia by fellow Gamma Gamma Chapter representative




 2013 Chapter Honor Awards

Kathleen Travers, 2013 Sigma Chapter Honor Award

Kathleen Traver
Sigma Chapter
Our Lady of the Lake University

Kelly Commons, 2013 Pi Chapter Honor Award

Kelly Commons
Pi Chapter
Millikin University