How to Host a National Convention

These suggestions are provided for the guidance of the host chapter. This list is not to be interpreted as law but as suggestive. Any additions or corrections will be welcomed by the National Officers. Questions not answered below should be addressed to the Executive Director.

  • The host chapter should place current information regarding the approaching National Convention on their chapter web page. The latter will be linked to the National Web Page.
  • Emergency phone numbers should be provided.
  • A list recommended restaurants should be provided
  • A list of available housing should be provided. If the housing will be off-campus in local motels, phone numbers and room charges should be included. It is often possible to arrange for a lower rate if a group of rooms are reserved for Sigma Zeta in advance. For most chapters, low cost motels are preferred.
  • The registration fee should cover the cost of the banquet but significant additional charges should not be included. The host chapter will establish the registration fee in consultation with the Executive Director.
  • The national treasury will reimburse the host chapter for an amount not to exceed $750 for expenses incurred in hosting the National Convention. Submit an itemized expense sheet to the National Treasurer. Under unusual circumstances, additional reimbursement may be requested from the National Treasurer. Such expenses should be approved in advance.
  • The host chapter is to issue a mailing regarding the details of the convention eight to ten weeks in advance of the meeting. This is to include details such as date, location, registration fee and procedure, housing details, and special information relative to student paper presentations. A mailing list is available from the Executive Director.
  • The program for the annual convention is usually arranged as indicated below. This order has been followed in most conventions, but many variations have been tried.

Thursday evening: the Executive Council meets at 7 PM. The Executive Council is composed of the National Officers. This constitutes the legal voting group for the meeting. Faculty advisors are encouraged to attend to provide input and discussion. A mixer for students and others may be held prior, during or after the Executive Council Meeting.

Friday morning—

  • Continental breakfast (juice, coffee, tea, pastries, fruit)
  • Opening session. This is usually brief, including a welcome from host school officials and host advisor
  • Business meeting. This is more informational than business. Committee assignments are announced and other business of the Thursday evening meeting may be announced. The Roll Call of chapters present may be held here or during Saturday's session.
  • Student paper presentations. Each oral paper presentation is typically limited 20 minutes including the question/answer time. If parallel sessions are required, the presentation rooms must be in close proximity and the papers in each room must begin and end at the same time to permit movement between sessions. A room for poster presentations may also be needed if students request to give papers in this format.

Friday afternoon-- field trips

Friday evening--banquet at which an excellent speaker is presented and Honor Award presentations are made. It is the responsibility of the host chapter to arrange for the banquet speaker.

Saturday morning—

  • Continental breakfast (juice, coffee, tea, pastries, fruit)
  • Final student paper session(s)
  • Business meeting--Usually this will last about one hour.

Saturday noon-- adjournment

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