Roles and Planning for the Convention Host Chapter

Convention Jobs that Need to be Assigned

  • Web Page editor
  • Field trip organizer
  • Program organizer and printer
  • Hotel and accommodations
  • Favors and Awards
  • Banquet planning, meal and accommodations
  • Registration, name tags and finances
  • Thursday night social
  • Paper presentation schedule, room use,  Audio visual etc.
  • Petition for Money
  • Meals- Friday, Saturday breakfast - Lunch availability


Publicity and Finance Committee

Web Page Editor

Job Description


Check out the web page from the previous conventions posted on the National web site, 

Update the Pi Chapter web page and add link to a new convention page. 

Construct a convention web page with the following information or links.  Be sure this page is also linked from the National Web page.

            Date and place of the convention

            Map and directions for getting to Millikin Campus

            Location of check-in registration table

            List of motels with addresses, phone nos. room rates, etc.

            List of Field trips with descriptions of what will be experienced .  If there is a cost, so indicate.

            A registration form for on-line chapter registration or downloadable PDF file.  Name and address of person to be sent registration.

             Links to Millikin and Decatur web sites for fact gathering.

Time Table


            #1 and 2 above should be done by November 1

            # 3 must be done by December 30th, 

            Additional helpful features should be added as inspired.  

All features of the page should be approved by the Convention Chairman


Field Trip Committee

Field Trip organizer

Job Description


Responsible for setting up 4  field trips for the afternoon of Friday March 14 between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00

Steps needed include:

            Contacting places within a 20  minute drive from Decatur and arrange for a group visit. 

            Arrange for a tour guide to conduct the tour, either from the site or a Millikin representative. 

            Find out group size limitations if any,  cost to the individual if any, and determine departure and arrival times from campus.

            Arrange for transportation to and from the site.

            Consider safety

            Communication with Conference Chairman and Program guide person.

Some suggestions to consider:

            Rock Springs

            ADM hydroponics

            Clinton Power Plant

            Fort Daniels wildlife area

            Tour DMH

Make a list of specific plans i.e. cost, if any, destination, items of interest to be seen, time of departure, place of departure to be given to the program guide committee for inclusion in the program guide. 

Make a second list in the form of a check list to be included in the registration letter to be sent to each chapter.  When returned this will give us an idea of how many will be taking each trip. 


            Decision about the four trip locations should be made by November 1.

            Item 5 should be completed by December 15th

            Items 2b, 2d  and 4 should be completed by February 1.

Budget - Total cost should not exceed $44.00


Paper Presentation Committee

Program guide  organizer and Printer

Job Description


Responsible for layout and completion of a program guide for use by participants of the national convention. 

            The program guide should contain a timetable of events.

            It should list the participants in the paper sessions and the title of their papers. 

            Time and location of field trips

A separate handout containing the abstracts of all the presenters papers should also be provided. 

Prepare a letter requesting paper presentations.  This letter should include the rules of presentation as well as an abstract submittal form to be completed and returned to the program committee.  This letter is to be mailed to all the chapters.  It may also be put on the website and sent to all advisors via the webserve.      


            Item 3 should be prepared and ready to mail before Christmas Break. It should be mailed so that each chapter receives the letter at the beginning of Spring Semester. 

            The final copy of the program guide should be completed and ready for placement in the convention folders by March 10th.

Budget - There is none.  Printing costs will be absorbed by the Science departments.   

Registration Committee

Housing Coordinator

Job Description


Contact all motels in the area and obtain cost information.  Check to see of group rates are available and what conditions must be met to get them. 

Visit those motels of greatest interest to confirm suitability.  

Prepare a list of motels that would be appropriate for housing the members of the convention.   Supply a copy to the Web Editor.  

Prepare a map of the area with location of these motels on the map.  Supply a copy to the Web Editor. 

Mail list and map to the different chapters so that they can make the final arrangements for lodging for their chapter participants.  This is an item that could be send via list serve and posted on the website. 


            Items 1 and 2 above should be completed by early October

            Items 3 and 4 by Early November

            Item 5 by December 1st

Budget -     Total cost should not exceed $50.  Attempts should be made to reduce cost by soliciting donation of things like folders, name tags, etc.  

Banquet Committee

Favors and Awards Coordinator

Job Description


Responsible for obtaining favors for about 115 participants who attend the annual banquet.  Favors have ranged from key chains to hat pins etc.

In previous years the recipients of the Sigma Zeta Honor award have been given calculators that were donated by local industry.  This amounts to about 10 awards.

All Favors and Awards should be solicited as donations to the organization rather than having to pay for them. 


         Solicitation should be done during September and October via letter or telephone. 

                                                                  Places to contact should include:  Zexcel, ADM, Staley, Meuller, Decatur hospitals, Texas Instruments, Casio computers, Radioshack etc.


        All commitments should be finalized by February 1.

Budget - Total cost should not exceed $300 dollars.  Attempts should be made to reduce cost by soliciting donations.


Banquet Committee

Banquet and Meals Coordinator

Job Description


Confirm the location and needs for the Friday evening Banquet

Determine the menu and cost.

        Menu should be of a general nature suitable for the taste of the general population.  Vegetarian option should be available. 

        Cost should be reasonable and should not exceed $15.00 per person attending the convention. 

Arrange for a guest speaker to present the after dinner talk. 

        This person should be obtained with a minimum of cost to the organization.

        The person should have local or regional prominence and be interesting. 

Prepare and print a dinner program guide similar to those used in the past. 

Prepare a list of eating establishments near campus that could be used for noon meals . 


        Item 3 should be dealt with immediately.  A speaker should be secured by December 1.

        Item 1 should be completed by October 1.

        Item 2 complete by November 1.

        Item 3 complete and in the hands of the Registration committee by February 1. 

        Items 4 and 5 complete by March 1

Budget -Total cost for the meal should not exceed $1000.  This comes out to about $9.00 per person for  a projected 115 people.  

Registration Committee

Registration Coordinator

Job Description


Keep records of all participants of the convention including name, home address, fees paid,  local address, and phone number.

Prepare a list of eating places on or near the campus where lunch meals could be obtained.  Give this list to the folder committee to be placed in the registration folder.

On the first day of the convention, set up a table and chairs in the lobby of RTUC to:

        register arriving participants

        collect late fees

        distribute folders and banquet tickets

         give out information etc. 

On subsequent days of the convention, have someone at the registration table to:

        greet people

        answer questions

        point out changes in activities of the day.

Arrange to have continental breakfast available for Friday and Saturday mornings.

        Place to eat

        Tables and Chairs

        Food such as breakfast rolls or donuts, coffee, and orange juice.

Check on the availability of parking for 20 to 30 vehicles.  Develop instructions for participants on when, where and how to park vehicles.  See that this sheet gets put in the registration folder. 


        Finances and record keeping should be ongoing.

Budget - Total cost should not exceed $120 which should go mainly towards the continental breakfasts. 


Folder Committee

Thursday night social Coordinator

Job Description


Plan and carry out an activity to involve students attending the convention. 

Activity could be a movie, dance, special speaker, game night etc. 

Reserve any rooms that might be needed, plan for refreshments hopefully to be paid for by outside donations and kept to a minimum.


        Selection of activity, location and menu should be decided by November 1.

        Final plans with specific assignments should be complete by March 1.

Budget - Total cost should not exceed $225.00

Paper Presentation Committee

Paper Session Coordinator

Job Description


Confirm room availability, number and location. Usually at least two rooms are needed for concurrent paper sessions.  More rooms may be needed if the number of papers being presented can not be completed in the time alloted.

Plan for efficient use of each room. Seminars should be planned every 20 minutes, 15 minute presentation with 5 minute question and answers.  Times are Friday 9:20 to 12:00 and Saturday 8:40 to 10:40.  This allows 28 papers to be presented in two rooms. 

Review the topics of submitted papers and try to arrange them in groups.  Try not to have two students from the same school presenting at the same time.

Make arrangements to have slide projectors and overhead projectors in each room.  In addition make note of any special requests made by paper presenters (see abstract forms) and be sure to meet those needs. 

Arrange for each room to have a convener to introduce the speakers and to be in charge of the room during presentations. This person may want to run the audiovisual equipment or assign someone else to run it. 


        Item 1 should be completed by September 15.

        Item 5 should be completed by February 1

        Item 4 completed by March 1

        Items 2 & 3 by March 10

Budget - There is no budget.  Printing costs should be absorbed by the Science departments.  

Publicity and Finance Committee

Fund Raiser

Job Description


Additional monies will be necessary to pay for the cost of items not covered by the registration fee.  $12.00 per  person.  The responsibility of this person is to explore all possible ways of raising these funds.

Possibilities include:

        Student Senate petition (Should have committee approval before submission)

        Special sales

        Donations from local businesses. 

A special fund should be set up with the business office to handle monies specifically associated with the conference. These would include registration fees, and any of the above monies. 


        Petitions to the student senate should be done in October at the latest. 

        Other efforts should be ongoing with occasional reporting to the convention chairman about progress. 

Budget - None

Folder Committee

Folder Preparation Coordinator

Job Description


Prepare convention folders for each participant (125 folders). 

        The folder should include:  name tags, pamphlets about Millikin and the Decatur, area, Sheets of note paper, Pencil, Program guide, Paper abstracts,

        The folders should be obtain through Millikin public relations office or the provost.

        Try to get all materials donated if possible.  Out of pocket expense should be kept to a minimum.


        Literature about Decatur and Millikin (125 copies) should be obtained by November 1.

        Folders, Name Tags, Sheets of paper, Pencils should be in hand by December 1. 

        Collation of the above materials into the folders should be completed by February 1.

        Program guides and abstracts will need to be added at the last minute a day or so before the convention. 

Budget - If needed. $160.00 to cover the cost of mail and folders. 


Paper Presentation Committee

Poster Session Coordinator

Job Description


Make contact with local appliance stores to begin obtaining undamaged refrigerator boxes.  About twenty peices of cardboard 3' by 5' will be needed as backboards for the poster session. 

As boxes are obtained cut out the cardboard pieces and store in an accessable place. 

Cardboard pieces should be outlined with a border of colored tape about 2 or 3 inches thick. 

Consideration should be given the way in which the poster boards will be displayed.  One possibility is to mount the cardboard pieces on the walls of the presentation room.  Another possibility would be to make A-frame easles which would hold the boards at a height of about 30 inches off the ground. 

Decide on and arrange for an area where the posters can be set up and displayed.  This could be in an open room or along a wide hallway. 

Set a time in the presentation program when viewing of the posters can be carried out.  During this time the authors should be present for answering questions about their work. 


        Items 1, 2, 3 and 4 should be begun in October and completed before March 1. 

        Item 5 and 6 should be decided and planned into the program by February 1.


        $50.00 to be used to construct easles if necessary.                                                                 
Banquet, Meals and Accomodations Committee

Continental Breakfast Coordinator

Job Description


Construct a list of items you would like for a continental breakfast which might include fruit, rolls, pastries, beverage choices.

Contact possible vendors who could supply a continental breakfast for Friday and Saturday Mornings before the meetings start. 

Compose a list of vendors and their cost to be selected by the rest of the committee.  This should include a list of food items and their cost.

Arrange for a room where the breakfast will be eaten if separate from other meating rooms.

Have someone oversee the setup and clean-up of food on the days used.  Be sure trash cans are available and know where to get materials if a cleanup is needed.


        Complete item 1 by November 1

        Complete Item 2 and 3 by December 1

        Complete item 4 by February 1

        Item 5 is to be completed the days of the banquet.

Budget - Approximately $2.50 per person.  Plan on around 100 people.