Sigma Zeta National Convention Grant Support Request Form


 To: The Executive Council

As per the proposal adopted by the Executive Council at the 1989 meeting, our chapter requests consideration for grant support to help cover expenses for attendance at the current annual meeting.  It is understood that these grants are available to chapters that have not been represented at an annual meeting for the past three years.  Also, it is understood that the amounts of these grants and the awarding of them will be determined by the Executive Council on a chapter by chapter basis. 

Note:  The grants are not to exceed $50.00 per person attending this annual meeting from the chapter.  The total amount available for all awards granted for the year is limited to $500.00.  These grants are above and beyond the mileage payment to the chapter.  Please refer to the 1989 Sigma Zetan  page 13 for additional details.

Requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the national convention.  The sooner your chapter submits a request, the sooner you will know how much your chapter may be allotted.