Student Research Award Advisor Support Form

Faculty advisors / mentors use this form to submit a letter in support of a Student Research Award Proposal.  Proposals and support letters are due this year by October 23rd. The maximum award is $500 per proposal and funding is dependent upon proposal merit and available funds. We recommend that support letters include the following:

  • Is/are the student(s) capable of completing the proposed research? Provide supporting examples.
  • Are funds, facilities, expertise, and equipment available to complete the proposed project beyond what is requested?
  • Is the proposed project viable?

Proposals seeking funding via the student research awards should be submitted using the Student Research Award Application form.

Criteria for Research Awards [Evaluation Rubric]

  • Experimental Design: Clarity of goals, hypothesis and/or research question
  • Quality of Writing: Well written, proofread, example of good scientific writing
  • Literature cited: Representative of field of research and properly and completely cited
  • Length, Budget, Timeline: Feasibility of completion based on methodology and timeline proposed
  • Strength of letter of support from research mentor


Please attach your completed letter here (rtf, pdf, doc or docx).