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Research Award Application Form

Directions: Fill out the form below. As part of the form, a link is provided to upload your proposal as a PDF document.

  • The deadline for submission is October 21st, 2023
  • Have your faculty research advisor submit a letter of support (using the “faculty support letter form”) by the above due date.
  • Your PDF document should contain the following sections. Proposals that do not contain all of these sections will be rejected and not considered for funding.
    Author(s) Name(s)
    Main body
    Literature Cited
    Timeline for completion
  • Pay close attention to the word count of the main body of your proposal. It should not exceed 450 words. Proposals with a main body that exceeds this limit will be rejected and not considered for funding.
  • When considering items to include in a budget, please note that Sigma Zeta National does not fund salaries or hourly wages for individuals.
  • If your research involves human subjects or vertebrate animals, be sure to include the pertinent documentation from your institution’s IRB or IACUC committee showing your research has been approved. Research proposals that require such approval, but do not contain the proper documentation, will be rejected and not considered for funding.
  • Should you have any questions, reach out to the Executive Director at
In this section, please list any relevant concerns with regards safety on your project and how these will be addressed. If the work generates hazardous waste which may negatively impact the environment, describe how will this be disposed of. If live subjects are involved, please list any relevant IRB or related paperwork required or already obtained and any other relevant information.