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 The Sigma Zeta Research Awards were initiated by the 2011 National Convention to help support quality research by Sigma Zeta members. Awards granted range from $250 to $500.  Applications are accepted anytime up until October 23 of this year for review at the annual November executive meeting. Awards are announced annually in December.

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Sigma Zeta iconNicholas Arroyo. Gamma Sigma.
 Reversing cancer phenotypes in Vero cells by overexpressing tumor suppressor, p16INK4a.

Sigma Zeta iconRachel Hurrell, Christopher Jones, Jackson Miller. Rho.
High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).

Sigma Zeta iconSonja Gilje. Gamma Gamma.
Using Radio Telemetry to Assess the Behaviors and Habitat Use of Urban Grey Squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) and Potential Competition with Red Squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus).

Sigma Zeta iconAaron Williams. Sigma.
Caenorhabditis elegans Health and Longevity on the Bacteria Citrobacter freundii in Comparison to Escherichia coli.

Sigma Zeta iconStephanie Martinez. Sigma.
Dietary Effects of Bacillus cereus and Escherichia coli on C. elegans Health.

Sigma Zeta iconWuShuang Yang, Htoo Thu, Brittany Fahringer, and Mason Mockobee. Gamma Eta.
Supplementation of Metformin with Vitamin D to Improve Glucose Uptake and Lower Triglyceride Levels in Drosophila melanogaster.

Sigma Zeta iconIsaac Lies. Gamma Mu.
Comparison of different engineering models of Narrow Bipolar Pulses.

Sigma Zeta iconOlivia Sirpella. Beta Chi.
Functional Aspects of SOX18 variant E137K on Transcriptional Activity.

Sigma Zeta iconShannon Taylor, Kyle Palermo, and Adam SchuderGamma Eta.
Elucidating L-Leucine Protein Synthesis Pathways in Yeast Using Gcn4 Depletion Strain and Rapamycin.

Sigma Zeta iconAbbegale ReevesGamma Kappa.
3D Printing of Upper Extremity Prosthetics and Translation of Pressure Sensors to Activation.



Sigma Zeta iconLucinda Adams, Beta Chapter
An Analysis of Human Salivary Protein in response to Olfactory Stimuli

Sigma Zeta iconJessica Agama and Hannah SproullBeta Eta Chapter
Binding Affinity of CYP4X1 with Arachidonic Acid and Anandamide 

Sigma Zeta iconCheyenne AndersonGamma Lambda Chapter
Developing a protocol to preserve long-term viability of the microalgal species, Chlorella protothecoides UTEX 25

Sigma Zeta iconKristen Bricker Beta Chi Chapter
Generation of Native and Mutated pEF1/SOX18 Myc-His Expression Constructs to Determine the Impact of a Glutamic Acid to Lysine Amino Acid Exchange on Nuclear Localization

Sigma Zeta iconLuke Elsener and Paige SwanGamma Eta Chapter
Effects of available L-Arginine on β-Amyloid plaque formation in C. elegans model of Alzheimer’s disease 

Sigma Zeta iconMollie FrancisGamma Gamma Chapter
Comparative Analysis of Squirrel Behavior and Habitat use in Light of Climate Change

Sigma Zeta iconMarcel Gonzalez, Osvy Rodriguez, Sabrina Romero, Gamma Rho Chapter
Image Segmentation Ensemble via Clustering

Sigma Zeta iconRuthann GorrellGamma Eta Chapter
Developing novel strategies to reduce age- related bone loss

Sigma Zeta iconBritta Lokken, Alpha Chi Chapter
A Newly Emerging Pathogen: Analysis of Cotton Leaf Curl Gezira Virus Within Plants Using Fluorescent Tagged Protein”

Sigma Zeta iconCharissa LordBeta Eta Chapter
Expression and purification of transmembrane serine protease 2 (TMPRSS2) to determine crystal structure

Sigma Zeta iconKegan Main and Aidan Washer, Gamma Eta Chapter
The Effects of Nitric oxide and Lactate on Human Keratinocyte Proliferation

Sigma Zeta iconKatelyn Parsons, Gamma Gamma Chapter
Differentiation between Elodea canadensis and Elodea nuttallii using known ITS DNA sequences and morphological characteristics

Sigma Zeta iconRebecca Riley, Rho Chapter
Examination of cellular-based mechanisms by which anthrocyanin changes occur in Saponaria officinalis during transition from male to female

Sigma Zeta iconBianca StockmeierGamma Eta Chapter
Low Doses of Actinomycin D Selectively Inhibit Cancer Cells with Nucleolar Amplification

Sigma Zeta iconMatthew ThiemsenAlpha Chi Chapter
Visualization of coat proteins from cotton leaf curl Gezira virus in infected plant tissue

Sigma Zeta iconLaura Tweedie, Alpha Gamma Chapter
Improving Metabolic Analysis using GC-MS




Sigma Zeta iconJulianne Ankrom, Halie Suttle, and Heather Culbertson, Beta Eta Chapter
Human Airway Trypsin-like Protease Cloning

Sigma Zeta iconCaitlin BehmeRho Chapter
Development of Instrumentation and Software to Economically Measure Solar Cell Properties

Sigma Zeta iconAndrew ConboyGamma Alpha Chapter
Exploration and Genomic Analysis of Arthrobacter Bacteriophage Isolates

Sigma Zeta iconKatherine Crank, Beta Eta Chapter
Seeds vs. Stems: Two Economical Water Purification Methods

Sigma Zeta iconBroderick DenoRho Chapter
Uncovering Hidden Spider Diversity in Indiana Forests

Sigma Zeta iconDianessa DizonGamma Gamma Chapter
Analysis of Gray Squirrel Behavior on an Urban College Campus

Sigma Zeta iconMarisa Egan, Gamma Omicron
Investigation of the Roles of ler and grlRA in Regulating the LEE in the Emerging Pathogen, Escherichia albertii

Sigma Zeta iconKatrina EstradaBeta Iota Chapter
Independent Measurements of Lipids in Mixed Cell Populations

Sigma Zeta iconCaresse HollendonerBeta Chapter
Plant-Pollinator Mutualisms and Diversity in Prairie Restorations

Sigma Zeta iconMargaret Houston, Alpha Gamma Chapter
A Standardized Modeling System for Assaying tau Toxicity in Drosophilia melanogaster

Sigma Zeta iconKelly Jacobson, Alpha Nu Chapter
Acquisition and Analysis of Burn Data for Materials Coated with Non-brominated Flame-resistant Polymers

Sigma Zeta iconMarek Lisek, Gamma Eta Chapter
The Effects of DFMO on Inhibiting -Amyloid Expression in Caenorhabditis elegans CL417

Sigma Zeta iconAundrea MarshPi Chapter
PCR Screening of Red Blood Cells to Determine Ranavirus presence in Easter Box Turtles and Painted Turtles in Central Illinois

Sigma Zeta iconBrooke MaruskaGamma Gamma Chapter
Characterization of Gray, Red, And Flying Squirrels Nesting Sites on an Urban College Campus

Sigma Zeta iconDelmar OropezaRho Chapter
Analysis of the Linkage Between the OR6A2 Olfactory Receptor Gene and Taste Preference for Coriandrum sativum: Testing for Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium

Sigma Zeta iconMadison PiassekGamma Theta Chapter
Origins of Specificity of Cytosolic Pyrimidine 5’-nucleosidase III

Sigma Zeta iconBeth RingwelskiGamma Gamma Chapter
Behavioral Profile of Red Squirrels (Tamiascurus hudsonicus) on an Urban College Campus

Sigma Zeta iconSara SiegfriedPi Chapter
An Essential Solution: Toxicity of Five Essential Oils in MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 Cancer Cell Lines

Sigma Zeta iconTaylor UccelloAlpha Rho Chapter
Amphibian CD4 as a Receptor for IL-16

Sigma Zeta iconJade WilsonGamma Alpha Chapter
Understanding the Differences in Heterochromatin Organization Between Human and Mouse Cells

Sigma Zeta iconAshlyn N. York (Raymond), Rho Chapter
Analytical Progress Towards the Functionalization of Epigallocatechin Gallate from Camellia sinensis




Sigma Zeta iconSonia Adamidis, Gamma Iota Chapter
Amphipathic Dimers: a New Class of Antibiotics

Sigma Zeta iconMaria Donnay, Beta Eta Chapter

Effects of organic material on emergence of pigeon pea and corn

Sigma Zeta iconAubrey Masterson, Beta Chapter 
Seasonal Analysis of Estradiol Levels and Movement Responses in Northern Copperhead Snakes (Agkistrodon contortrix)

Sigma Zeta iconPeter Piers, Pi Chapter
Lysis of liposome and nanoparticle composites by laser and thermal heating

Sigma Zeta iconBenjamin Stubbs, Gamma Gamma Chapter
A Comparison of Bird Communities on Restored and Remnant Prairies in Northwestern Minnesota

Sigma Zeta iconAlly Walsh, Beta Eta Chapter (Quinton Barnes, Charis Guinto, Joel Manzi, Brittany Miller, Ben Moore, Cheyenne Parker, and Janna Walla)
Gene Sequencing of Genetic Markers for Panthera tigris Phylogeny

Sigma Zeta icon Jessica Watson, Gamma Gamma Chapter
Spatial and Behavioral Interactions Between American Red (Tamiasciurus hudonicus) and Eastern Gray (Sciurus carolinensis) Squirrels on an Urban College Campus

Sigma Zeta iconAshlyn York, Rho Chapter
Functionalization of Epigallocatechin gallate from Camellia sinensis



Sigma Zeta icon Ashley FloresPi
Structural Analysis of Tellurium (VI)-Containing Double Perovskites

Sigma Zeta icon Kyleray Katherman, Beta Beta
Comparative Growth Analysis of Malaria Parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, using 3H-Hypoxanthine Incorporation and SYBR Green Fluorescence

Sigma Zeta icon Jonah Netland, Beta Beta
Development of SYBR green fluorescence growth assay in Plasmodium falciparum

Sigma Zeta icon Christopher Potter, Pi
Energetic Effects of Metal Nanoparticle Fuel Additives on the Combustion of Ethanol

Sigma Zeta icon Haley Thomas, Alpha Pi
The effect of high fructose corn syrup on THF101 esophageal cancer cells

Sigma Zeta icon Jessica Watson, Gamma Gamma
Nest characteristics and Habitat Use of Gray Squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) and American Red Squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) on an Urban College Campus


Sigma Zeta icon Kelly DunlevyGamma Alpha
Mutagenesis of Evolutionarily Conserved Sequences in PRR14

Sigma Zeta icon Chelsea Hadsall, Pi
The Effect of Molecular Branching on specific Rotation in Isomers of Alcohols: Separation of Racemic Alcohols into Pure Enantiomers

Sigma Zeta icon Christopher Himes, Alpha Gamma
An Investigation into the Formation of Subtelomeric Heterochromatin in Drosophila melanogaster: the Role of SU(VAR)3-9

Sigma Zeta icon Caitlan Hinton, Gamma Gamma
Spatial and Behavioral Ecology of American Red Squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) and Gray Squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) in an Urban Setting

Sigma Zeta icon Andrea Kanani, Beta Iota
Correlation of Passivation Treatments of 316L Stainless Steel with Electrochemical Behavior

Sigma Zeta icon Shannon Leipus, Gamma Gamma
Comparison of Cellulose Acetate Electrophoresis of Salivary Amylase and Mitochondrial DNA Analysis to Differentiate White-footed Mice (Peromyscus leucopus) from Deer Mice (P. maniculatus)

Sigma Zeta icon Jonathan Miller, AlphaGamma
Computational Modeling of Sphingosine-1-phosphate, FTY720, and both (R) and (S)-FTY720P with the Five Human Sphingosine-1-phosphate Receptors for the Determination of Binding Affinity

Sigma Zeta icon Nicole Olsen, Beta Iota
In vitro Study of the Contractile Effects of Lippia alba on Colonic Tissue of Mus musculus

Sigma Zeta icon Katelin Smith, Beta Chi
Comparing the Expression of Heat Shock Protein 90 During Infection with Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1Strain KOS-79 Versus Culture-Adapted HSV-1Strain KOS


Sigma Zeta icon Megan Birchmeier, Rho
Expression of the Anthocyanidin Synthase Gene During Gender Transition of Flowers of Protandrous Saponaria officinalis
Sigma Zeta icon Brandi Bonfert, Alpha Gamma
Analysis of Effects of Environmental Factors on Sf9 Cell Growth and Baculoviral Infection Rates
Sigma Zeta icon Robert Buch, Alpha Gamma
Growth and Morphological Effects of Varied Culture Conditions on Sf9 Cells
Sigma Zeta icon Kyle Fulghum, Beta Eta
The Effect of Molecular Branching on specific Rotation in Isomers of Alcohols: Separation of Racemic Alcohols into Pure Enantiomers
Sigma Zeta icon Andrew Rearick, Alpha Gamma
Analysis of Apoptosis Induction by UV Light in Sf9 cells
Sigma Zeta icon Cody Smith, Pi
Novel Solvent Bar Microextraction of Acetaminophen and Azithromycin from Water


Sigma Zeta icon Christina Nowicki, Bethel University, The Effect of Aspartame on Integrin-Mediated Cell Adhesion to the Extracellular Matrix in Human Kidney Epithelial Cells
Sigma Zeta icon Madeline Knott, Millikin University, Differential Avian Immune Response in Illinois Feeder Birds
Sigma Zeta icon Kelly Commons, Millikin University, How does wild bird feeding affect the wild bird community?