Research Awards Student Member Application Procedure

At the March 2011 Sigma Zeta National Convention a proposal was approved to begin offering student research awards to help fund undergraduate student research projects beginning in the 2011-2012 year. These awards are funded via an increase in membership fee from $25 to $35 approved at the 2011 National Convention. Below are the guidelines for submission of proposals.

The Application Process

1. Eligible applicants - must be a current undergraduate Sigma Zeta member

2. Awardees are strongly encouraged to present their research project at the spring 2023 or spring 2024 National Convention, but if this is not possible, presentation at another meeting or within their department is a requirement. The research process is not complete until the results have been shared with others.

3. Application must include:

Submitted by applicant:

      • Page1:
        • Applicant's Name and email address
        • Mentor's Name, email, and phone
        • Title of Project
      • Page 2: Narrative of the proposed project; single spaced, Times New Roman size 12 font, one-inch margins (approximately 450 words)
      • Page 3: Documentation attesing IRB approval if research involves human subjects or IACUC approval if research involves non-human vertebrate animals. This section should also address laboratory safety, waste disposal, or ethical concerns surrounding the research.
      • Page 4: Literature Cited
      • Page 5:
        • Expected timeline of project (not to exceed 12 months)
        • Budget of expenses for which funding is requested. Note: travel expenses will not be funded by these awards. 

Submitted by applicant's research advisor/mentor

4. The application can be submitted online using the Student Research Award Application Form or via email to the Sigma Zeta National Office at:

Please note: the narrative, timeline and budget are to be submitted by the student, but the research mentor's letter of support is to be submitted directly from the mentor's email address or submitted by the mentor using the online Student Research Award Advisor Support Form.

5. Deadline for submission of the application and letter of support: October 23, 2022


Proposal Review Process Criteria and Timeline of Awards and Reports

1. Up to $6000 is available during 2022-2023 for student research awards

2. The awards will each range from $250 to $500

3. The proposals will be reviewed by the National Officers and advisors attending the November 2022 Officers/Advisors meeting, with up to three at-large advisors to ensure that there is an appropriate representation of all disciplines.

4. Criteria for award decisions:

      • Experimental Design: Clarity of goals, hypothesis and/or research question
      • Quality of Writing: Well written, proofread, example of good scientific writing
      • Literature cited: Representative of field of research and properly and completely cited
      • Length, Budget, Timeline: Feasibility of completion based on methodology and timeline proposed
      • Strength of letter of support from research mentor
      • Priority will be given to applicants that wish to use funds for the purchasing of supplies, materials, and/or equipment.

Please see details in the Proposal Evaluation Rubric

5. Award announcement no later than December 4, 2022

6. Progress report on use of the research award to include status of project and future plans if project not yet completed -- must be submitted to Sigma Zeta National Office by:

2022 Grants: March, 2023 for discussion at the 2023 National Convention

7. Final report on research project must be submitted prior to:

2022 Grants: December 4, 2023 or before graduation