Sigma Zeta Student Representative Nomination Form

Student Representative: The duties of the Student Representative shall be: (1) to elicit feedback and suggestions from student and alumni members for improvements to the society; (2) to be a full voting member of the Executive Council; and (3) to be able to serve his/her entire one-year term prior to graduation.  Nominations for the Student Representative should be submitted using the Student Representative Nomination Form no later than two weeks prior to each National Convention.  Voting for the Student Representative will take place by a paper ballot during the Final Convention meeting, with each attending Chapter allowed one vote.

Nominees must be present at the National Convention to be nominated to the position and must also be willing and able to attend both the November Officers meeting and the subsequent national convention Executive Council meeting at the end of their term of office the following year.

Student Representative Nominee Statements

If needed look up your Chapter Name for the Chapter Name entry above.


Please write a brief statement that includes the following:

  1. Why do you wish to serve as Student Representative to the Executive Council of Sigma Zeta?
  2. Briefly describe your previous involvement in your local Sigma Zeta Chapter or at a National Convention.